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Article collection

The Importance of Fungi in Securing and Threatening Food Supply For a Growing Human Population

Edited by Alexander Idnurm and Vera Meyer

Cross journal collection 

Food security and sustainability from a microbiology perspective

Edited by Sharon Huws, Joy Watts, Charles Lee, Victor Carrion, Ian Lidbury, Filipe Dantas-Torres, Francesca Cappitelli, Alexander Idnurm, Vera Meyer, Juan A. Mondotte, Una Ryan, and Julia Walochnik

Article collection

Engineering Microbiomes for Green Technologies

Edited by Vijai Kumar Gupta, Scotland's Rural College, UK; Jack A. Gilbert, University of California, USA and Meisam Tabatabaei, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia


Article collection

Connecting material science and fungal biology

Edited by Prof. Dr.-Ing Vera Meyer, Berlin University of Technology (TUB), Germany

Article collection

Beyond the assembly line - showcasing the complexities of fungal natural product biosynthesis

Guest edited by Kate de Mattos-Shipley, University of Bristol, UK, and Katherine Williams, University of Bristol, UK

Cross journal collection

Applications of Oleaginous Fungi

Edited by Dr. Pat Slininger, USDA, United States of America, and Dr. Alex Idnurm, University of Melbourne, Australia


Article collection

Fungal research in Japan: tradition and future

Edited by Norio Takeshita