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Table 8 Overview of selected patent families associated with fungi cultivation method

From: Recent advances in the intellectual property landscape of filamentous fungi

Patent number (one of the family) Countries Assignee (application date, publication date) Title
Novel cultivation techniques
 FR3071507 FR AB7 Industry (2017, 2019) Continuous production of filamentous fungi
 WO2018/221482 US, WO, CN, JP KAO (2018, 2020) Method for producing filamentous fungal pellets
 KR20180117131A JP, CN, CA, WO, WP, CN, AU, TW, US Sustainable Bioproducts Inc. (2017, 2018) Biomat of filamentous fungi, its production method and its use
 EP2673290 AU, BE, CN, DE, DK, EP, FI, GB, HK, JP, KR, NL, US, BR, CA DuPont—Danisco US Inc. (2012, 2016) Filamentous fungi having an altered viscosity phenotype
 JP2018525983A WO, CN, US, JP, EP Danisco Dupont (2016, 2018) Genome editing system and method of use
 US20190194692A1 WO, US, EP DSM IP Assets BV (2016, 2019) A CRISPR-Cas system for a filamentous fungal host cell
 EP2576793B1 US, EP, MX, ES, DK, WO, CN, CA, US VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland (2011, 2017) Method for improved protein production in filamentous fungi
 JPWO2017170917A1 CN, BR, US, CA, JP, AU, EP, WO, PH Toray Industries Inc. (2017, 2018) Protein production method
 CN109661402A CN, US, EP, BR, WO Danisco Dupont (2017, 2019) Protein production system of fungi
 JP2018504936A WO, KR, MX, JP, US, CN, EP, ZA Danisco Dupont (2016, 2018) Fungal strains and methods of use
 US9499826B2 DK, EP, WO, US VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland (2010, 2016) Production of proteins in filamentous fungi
 US9512415B2 WO, DK, EP, US VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland (2011, 2016) Method for protein production in filamentous fungi
 EP3004145 WO DTU—Technical University of Denmark (2014, 2016) Genetically modified filamentous fungi and uses thereof
Cultivation equipment
 CN207062292 CN Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences (2017, 2018) A kind of filamentous fungi fermentation tank
 CN108893254 CN Yixing Boden Teco Industrial Equipment (2018, 2018) Equipment for mechanically controlling sizes of filamentous fungi balls in fermenting process
 CN209002501U CN Lingnan Normal University (2018, 2019) Filamentous fungus mycelium culture device
 CN109628275 CN Shanghai Howsome Biotechnology (2019, 2019) Improved small culture device for filamentous fungi and culture method thereof