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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Identification of novel citramalate biosynthesis pathways in Aspergillus niger

AB1.13AB1.13 WTUridine auxotroph [14]
AB1.13 pyrG+AB1.13Uridine prototroph of AB1.13 [15]
AB1.13 CAD 4.1AB1.13 CADSelected pyrG+ transformant of cadA expressing transformant (CAD10.1) of AB1.13 [16]
AB1.13 CAD + MFS + MTT #49B;AB1.13 #49BSelected mttA expressing transformants of AB1.13 CAD + MFS 3.9 [8]
AB1.13 CAD + MFS + MTT + CitB #99CitB#99Selected citB overexpressing strain of AB1.13 CAD + MFS + MTT #49B [8]
AB1.13 cimA A10
AB1.13 cimA B3
AB1.13 cimA D11
CimA A10
CimA B3
CimA D11
Selected cimA overexpressing strain of AB1.13 (this study)
AB1.13 cimA B3 pyrE−CimA B3 pyrE−pyrE mutant strain of CimA #B3 (this study)
AB1.13 cimA B3 + mfsB 27CimA + MfsB #27Selected mfsB overexpressing strain of AB1.13 cimA B3 pyrE− (this study)
AB1.13 cimA B3 + mfsB 28CimA + MfsB #28