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Fig. 5

From: Dissecting cellobiose metabolic pathway and its application in biorefinery through consolidated bioprocessing in Myceliophthora thermophila

Fig. 5

Elevation of metabolic flux of phosphorolytic pathway by overexpressing cellobiose phosphorylase gene. Each of cellobiose phosphorylase genes (Ctcpp or Mtcpp) was co-incorporated with cellobiose transporter gene cdt-1 into M. thermophila JG207 to generate strains JG412 and JG413, respectively. a The activity of cellobiose phosphorylase in strain JG412 and JG413 relative to strain JG207cdt after 2 days of shaken-flask culture on cellobiose. Fermentation profiles of engineered M. thermophila with cellobiose phosphorylases on cellobiose (b) and Avicel (c) in shaking flask. Values are the mean of two independent fermentations and error bars represent the standard deviation

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