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Fig. 3 | Fungal Biology and Biotechnology

Fig. 3

From: A closer look at Aspergillus: online monitoring via scattered light enables reproducible phenotyping

Fig. 3

Microtiter plate cultivation of A. giganteus with quasi-continuous online measurement of biomass via backscatter. Eight biological replicates were cultivated at 850 rpm in a round well plate. The mean (thick line) with standard deviation (grey area) was plotted over the cultivation duration of 60 h. YEPD reference medium (a) was compared against addition of CaCl2 (b) and talc (c). Microscopic pictures (×40) and pictures from the bottom of a well were taken to analyze pellet formation were taken at the end of the cultivation after 60 h. Each image shows a clipping of 2.85 mm in width and 2.3 mm in height

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