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Fig. 2

From: Cpf1 enables fast and efficient genome editing in Aspergilli

Fig. 2

An efficient Cpf1 system for fungal gene editing. a Illustration of vector pAC1430 expressing Lb_Cpf1 and how to insert a gRNA expression cassette. b, c Schematic overview of the positions of Cpf1-gRNA target sites in A. nidulans (b) and in A. niger (c) used for assessing Cpf1 functionality. d, e Examples of transformation plates for assessment of Cpf1-gRNA functionality in Cpf1-mediated gene mutation experiments in A. nidulans (d) and in A. niger (e). pAC1430 was used in control experiments whereas pAC1430 derivatives, expressing specific gRNA genes as indicated above plates, were used to induce locus specific mutagenesis

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