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Fig. 2

From: Identification of the decumbenone biosynthetic gene cluster in Penicillium decumbens and the importance for production of calbistrin

Fig. 2

Neighbour joining tree of KS-AT domains from P. decumbens, A. aculeatus and A. versicolor PKSs. The four-membered clade with putative calbistrin-forming PKSs is highlighted with a red square. Known decalin forming PKSs are highlighted with blue background. Abbreviations: Species: Pdec: P. decumbens (highlighted in orange); Aacu: A. aculeatus; Aver: A. versicolor; Fhet: F. heterosporum; Fsp: Fusarium sp. FN080326; Mthe: Myceliophthora thermophile; Ater: A. terreus; Pcit: P. citrinum. Enzymatic domain: DH: dehydratase; Cmet: C-methyl transferase; ER: enoylreductase; ØER: dysfunctional ER; KR: ketoreductase; C: condensation; A: Adenylation; R: terminal reductase; TE: thioesterase; CarAt: carnetine acyltransferase; BL: beta lactamase; AE: acetylesterase; PT: product template; SAT: Starter acyltransferase, CYC: cyclase

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