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Table 1 List of strains used for transcriptome analysis

From: Itaconic acid degradation in Aspergillus niger: the role of unexpected bioconversion pathways

Strain Abbreviation Strain description
AB1.13 pyrG+ AB1.13 Uridine prototroph of AB1.13 pyrG—[19]
AB1.13 CAD 4.1 AB1.13 CAD Selected pyrG + transformant of cadA expressing transformant (CAD10.1) of AB1.13 [20]
AB1.13 CAD + MTT + MFS_3 AB1.13 CAD + MTT + MFS Selected mfsA expressing transformant of MTT 1.4 [19]
AB1.13 CAD + MFS + MTT #49B; AB1.13 #49B Selected mttA expressing transformants of AB1.13 CAD + MFS 3.9 [18]
AB1.13 CAD + MFS + MTT + CitB #99; #113 CitB#99; CitB#113 Selected citB overexpressing transformants of AB1.13 CAD + MFS + MTT #49B [18]