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Fig. 1

From: How a fungus shapes biotechnology: 100 years of Aspergillus niger research

Fig. 1

A historical snapshot of A. niger research. The PubMed database was interrogated for any publication that contained ‘Aspergillus niger’ in the title. Publication titles were assigned to periods of 20 years. As 1917–1936 only returned 7 manuscripts, this period was omitted. Word clouds were generated online (, and the top 20 words, not including ‘Aspergillus niger’ or non-technical terms (e.g. prepositions etc.), are depicted. Size of each word is proportional to relative frequency amongst all the titles in that period. Retrieved articles for each period: 112 (1937–1956), 481 (1957–1976), 642 (1977–1996), 1789 (1997–2017)

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