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Fig. 3

From: Improved microscale cultivation of Pichia pastoris for clonal screening

Fig. 3

Scalability of BioLector and bioreactor cultivation of P. pastoris with glycerol as substrate. a BioLector cultivation with 4% glycerol in BSMmod (150 mM PIPPS, pH 5.0, 0.8 mL, 1500 rpm, 30 °C, inoculated to OD600 = 0.3). Light colors around solid lines show standard deviations from at least three individual wells. b Bioreactor cultivation with 4% glycerol in BSMmod (0.8 L, pH = 5.0 (NH4OH/H2SO4), DO = 30%, inoculated to OD600 = 0.6). Results from one representative bioreactor cultivation are shown (n = 3)

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