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Table 2 Light dependent regulation of genes encoding proteins limiting for hydrolysis of pretreated corn stover

From: Regulation of plant cell wall degradation by light in Trichoderma

Name Protein ID Function Cellulase induction specific Regulation in QM6a in light Regulated by BLR1 Regulated by BLR2 Regulated by ENV1
In light In darkness In light and darkness
  69276 Xylanase x x x --- x   x
CIP1 73638 Carbohydrate binding module containing x x x --- x   x
CIP2 123940 Glucuronyl esterase     --- x   x
MAN1 56996 Beta-mannanase x x x --- x x x
EGL2 120312 Endoglucanase CEL5A x x x --- x   x
XYN2 123818 Xylanase x x x --- x x x
EGL3 123232 Endoglucanase CEL12A   x   --- x   x
SWO1 123992 Swollenin x x x --- x   x
BGL1 76672 Beta-glucosidase   x   --- x x x
CBH2 72567 Cellobiohydrolase CEL6A x x x --- x   x
EGL6 49081 Xyloglucanase CEL74A     --- x   x
XYN4 111849 Xylanase x x x ---    x
  1. n, no regulation; +, upregulation in light; -, downregulation in light; +/-, minor regulation; ++/--, moderate regulation (around 5–10 fold); +++/---, strong regulation