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Table 1 Strains of Leptosphaeria spp. used in this study

From: Spontaneous and CRISPR/Cas9-induced mutation of the osmosensor histidine kinase of the canola pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans

Strain name(s) Genotype Origin
L. biglobosa 06J154 Wild type Burren Junction, NSW, Australia, 2006 [19]
D5 (IBCN18; M1) Wild type Penshurst, VIC, Australia, 1988
D5-IpR hos1 Selection of D5 on iprodione
D5-IpR + hos1 hos1  + hos1 Transformation of D5-IpR with wild type hos1
D2 (IBCN15) Wild type Streatham, VIC, Australia, 1988 [2]
D2-IpR hos1 Selection of D2 on iprodione
D2-IpR + hos1 hos1  + hos1 Transformation of D2-IpR with wild type hos1
D3 (IBCN16) Wild type Mt Barker, WA, Australia, 1988 [2]
D3-IpR hos1 Selection of D3 on iprodione
D3-IpR + hos1 hos1  + hos1 Transformation of D3-IpR with wild type hos1
14P290 Wild type Katanning, WA, Australia, 2014 [17]
14P290-IpR hos1 Selection of 14P290 on iprodione
14P290-IpR + hos1 hos1  + hos1 Transformation of 14P290-IpR with wild type hos1
D13 (09SMW024) Wild type Cummins, SA, Australia, 2009 [52]
DV1 hos1 guide D5
DV2 hos1 guide; cas9 DV1
DV3 hos1 guide; cas9; hos1 DV2
D13-CoT cas9; hos1 guide D13 cotranformed with both guide RNA (hyg) and Cas9 (G418)
D13-IpR1 cas9; hos1 guide; hos1 Selection of D13-CoT on iprodione
D13-IpR2 cas9; hos1 guide; hos1 Selection of D13-CoT on iprodione
v23.1.3 Wild type In vitro crosses, France [5]
JN3-Cas9 cas9 v23.1.3 transformed with pMAI23
JN3-avrLm1-1 cas9; AvrLm1 guide; avrLm1 JN3-Cas9
JN3-avrLm1-2 cas9; AvrLm1 guide; avrLm1 JN3-Cas9
  1. All strains are L. maculans, with the exception of one L. biglobosa strain used as a source of DNA for constructs. The numerous hos1 mutants isolated from CRISPR-Cas9 sources and the 28 progeny from the D3-IpR × D13 cross are not listed. IBCN indicates a strain in the International Blackleg of Crucifers Network collection