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Table 2 Fungal strains used in this study

From: Phytochelatin synthase is required for tolerating metal toxicity in a basidiomycete yeast and is a conserved factor involved in metal homeostasis in fungi

Name Genotype Parent/origin Reference
Sporobolomyces sp.
IAM 13481 Wild type   [35]
AIS2 ura5 IAM 13481 [49]
AS1 pcs1::URA5 ura5 AIS2 This study
AS2 pcs1::ura5 ura5 AS1 This study
AS3 pcs1::ura5 ura5 + PCS1-URA5 AS2 This study
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
BY4743 MAT ahis3Δ1/his3Δ1 leu2Δ0/leu2Δ0 LYS2/lys2Δ0 met15Δ0/MET15 ura3Δ0/ura3Δ0   [57]
yap1 yap1::KanMX BY4743 Open Biosystems
AS4 + pYES2 BY4743 This study
AS5 + pAS1 BY4743 This study
AS6 + pYES2 yap1::KanMX yap1 This study
AS7 + pAS1 yap1::KanMX yap1 This study
Schizosaccharomyces pombe
L972 Wild type   NBRP, Japan
MM72-4A ura4-D18   NBRP, Japan
AS8 pcs1::KanMX ura4 MM72-4A This study
AS9 + pREP42 MM72-4A This study
AS10 + S. pombe PCS1 (pAS4) MM72-4A This study
AS11 + Sporobolomyces PCS1 (pAS5) MM72-4A This study
AS12 pcs1::KanMX + pREP42 AS8 This study
AS13 pcs1::KanMX + S. pombe PCS1 (pAS4) AS8 This study
AS14 pcs1::KanMX + Sporobolomyces PCS1 (pAS5) AS8 This study
AS15 pcs1::KanMX + PCS1-GFP (pAS6) AS8 This study
  1. The S. cerevisiae genotypes are abbreviated after their first use in strain BY4743.