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Table 1 Distribution of PCS homologs in the fungi

From: Phytochelatin synthase is required for tolerating metal toxicity in a basidiomycete yeast and is a conserved factor involved in metal homeostasis in fungi

Lineage Sub-lineage Genome sequences examined Present/absent? Representative(s) in phylogeny (Figure 5 )
Chytridiomycota (P)   2 Present Catenaria, Spizellomyces
Neocallimastigo mycota (P)   1 Present Piromyces
Blastocladiomycota (P)   2 Present Allomyces, Batrachochytrium
Microsporidia (P)   5 Absent  
Glomeromycota (P)   1 Present Rhizophagus
Mucoromycotina (SP) Mucorales (O) 8 Present Mucor, Rhizopus, Phycomyces, Lichtheimia
Mortierellales (O) 1 Present Mortierella
Entomophthoro mycotina (SP)   1 Absent  
Zoopagomycotina (SP)   0 Unknown  
Kickxellomycotina (SP)   1 Present Coemansia
Ascomycota (P) Taphrinomycotina (SP) 7 Present Schizosaccharomyces, Saitoella
Saccharomycotina (SP) 35 Absent  
Pezizomycotina (SP) 180 Present only in class Pezizomycetes; absent in all other species Ascobolus, Tuber, Wilcoxina, Pyronema
Basidiomycota (P) Agaricomycotina (SP) 103 Absent  
Pucciniomycotina (SP) 16 Present Sporobolomyces, Rhodotorula, Puccinia
Ustilaginomycotina (SP) 8 Absent  
Wallemiomycetes 2 Present Wallemia
Unclassified Cryptomycota 1 Present Rozella
Monoblepharido mycetes 1 Present Gonapodya
  1. The classification system is based on [56]. P = phylum; SP = subphylum; O = order.