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Table 9 Overview of selected patent families associated with materials

From: Recent advances in the intellectual property landscape of filamentous fungi

Patent number (one of the family) Countries Assignee (application date, publication date) Title
CN106758447B CN Beijing Zhongke Aobei Supersonic Wave Tech Research Institute (2016, 2018) A method that prepares textile fabrics with ultrasonic waves
US10407675B2 US Ecovative Design LLC (2017, 2017) Method of fermenting mycelium composite material
WO2018120823A1 WO Shenzen Technical University (2017, 2018) Fungus-based biomass fireproof material using rice straw as main material and preparation method thereof
CN108249037 Revoked Dongguan Hopeway Packaging Tech Co Ltd (2017, 2018) Production method for organic packaging material
US20180148682 US, MX, WO Mycoworks Inc. (2018, 2018) Molding system for fungal structures
CN102329512A CN Ford (2011, 2016) Production method for dehydrated mycelium elements for outfitting vehicle interiors
US20190090436A1 WO, US Ecovative Design LLC (2018, 2019) High density rigid molded body of composite mycological material
US20190390156A1 US, WO Ecovative Design LLC (2019, 2019) Open-cell mycelium foam and method of making same
US20190284307A1 CA, WO, US Mycoworks Inc. (2019, 2019) Deacetylation and crosslinking of chitin and chitosan in fungal materials and their composites for tunable properties
US20200196541A1 WO, US Mycoworks Inc. (2019, 2020) Mycelium growth bed with perforation layer and related method for creating a uniform sheet of mycelium from a solid-state medium
WO2020115690A1 WO Mogu S.R.L. (2019, 2020) Method of producing fungal mats and materials made therefrom