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Table 7 Overview of selected patent families associated with environmental technology

From: Recent advances in the intellectual property landscape of filamentous fungi

Patent number (one of the family) Countries Assignee (application date, publication date) Title
US20190316077 US, JP, SG, CN, CA, KR, BR, WO, EP, CN, AU Sustainable Bioproducts Inc. (2016, 2019) Filamentous fungal biomats, methods of their production and methods of their use
CN206886941U CN Jiangnan University (2017, 2018) Sludge dewatering system is taken care of in online fermentation of filamentous fungi
CN109370943 CN Hefei Huagai Biotechnology (2018, 2019) A kind of microbial deodorant and preparation method thereof suitable for sewage treatment
CN109092048 CN Wuhan Boyang Guangwu Technology (2018, 2018) Microbiocidal deodorant
WO2018/014037 US, WO University of California (2017, 2018) Clarifying water and wastewater with fungal treatment/bioflocculation
EP3219797 JP, WO RIKEN (2015, 2017) Cellulase activator and method for saccharifying lignocellulosic biomass by using same
CN108219887 CN Shandong Zhongrong Biotechnology (2017, 2018) Method for producing biomass fuel blocks from sludge of sewage plant
EP2576213 AU, CA, CN, IL, IN, KR, MX, NZ, UA, ZA, BR, JP, SG, US, WO Xyleco (2011, 2016) Processing biomass