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Table 5 Overview of selected patent families associated with (bulk) chemicals production

From: Recent advances in the intellectual property landscape of filamentous fungi

Patent number (one of the family) Countries Assignee (application date, publication date) Title
AU2008223787B2 WO, MY, AR Adcuram Nutrition Holding GmbH (2008, 2013) Process for the preparation of citric acid employing filamentous fungi in a culture medium comprising glycerol
US20150232892A1 US Battelle Memorial Institute Inc. (2015, 2015) Enhanced citric acid production in Aspergillus with inactivated asparagine-linked glycosylation protein 3 (alg3), and/or increased laea expression
US9637763 AU, CH, DE, EP, GB, IE, JP, KR, MX, NL, NZ, RU, US, ZA, BR, CA, CN, IN Rho Renewables Inc. (2012, 2017) Recombinant production systems for aromatic molecules
EP2754716 CH, CN, DE, EP, FR, GB, IT, JP, US, IN Shonan Technology Center Inc. (2012, 2015) Method for producing useful metabolite from filamentous fungus
CN107987183 CN Zhejiang University of Technology (2017, 2018) Method for chitosan oligosaccharide extraction from filamentous fungi
WO2018051837A1 CN, JP, US, VN KAO (2017, 2018) Mutant filamentous fungus and method for producing C4-dicarboxylic acid using same
US2013288321 DK, MX, WO, US Novozymes Inc. (2013, 2013 abandoned) Methods for improved C4-dicarboxylic acid production in filamentous fungi
EP2473600B1 DK, MX, WO, Novozymes Inc. (2010, 2016) Methods for improving malic acid production in filamentous fungi
WO2019020870A US, WO, EP VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland (2018, 2019) Improved production of oxalyl-CoA, glyoxylate and/or glycolic acid
US9783809B2 FI, EP, US, WO, DK VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland (2012, 2017) Eukaryotic cell and method for producing glycolic acid
WO2016193540A1 WO VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland (2016, 2016) Direct conversion of sugars to glycolic acid
WO2017110970A1 CN, JP, WO, US KAO (2016, 2017) Method for producing organic acid
US20150104543A1 WO DSM IP Assets BV (2014, 2015) Organic acid production by fungal cells
EP2183367B1 EP, WP, US Dutch DNA Biotech BV (2008, 2019) Production of itaconic acid
WO2014142647A1 WO Wageningen University (2013, 2014) Fungal strains with improved citric acid and itaconic acid production
WO2017074533A1 WO Battelle Memorial Institute (2016, 2017) Enhanced itaconic acid production in Aspergillus with increased laea expression
WO2018037123A1 WO, EP, CN, US Lesaffre Et Compagnie (2017, 2018) Improved production of itaconic acid
US10443077B2 CN, EP, WO, US DSM IP Assets BV (2016, 2019) Fermentation process for producing itaconic acid under nitrogen free conditions
CN105274153A CN Jiangnan University (2015, 2016) Method for increasing yield of itaconic acid produced by fermentation of Aspergillus terreus
US20190360004A1 DK, US, CA, WO, CN, BR, EP, ES DSM IP Assets BV (2019, 2019) Integrated process for coproducing alcohol and organic acid from lignocellulosic material