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Table 4 Overview of selected patent families related to pharmaceuticals

From: Recent advances in the intellectual property landscape of filamentous fungi

Patent number (one of the family) Countries Assignee (application date, publication date) Title
EP3058939 JP, WO NAI Inc. (2014, 2016) Antiparasitic agent
CN107828699 CN Weifang Huabin Biotechnology (2017, 2018) Agricultural composite microbial agent and preparation method of same
WO2017188049 AR, CN, JP, KR, TW, WO Kumai Chemical Industry (2017, 2019) Microbial pesticide formulation composition, method for producing same, and method of using the same
US9474776B2 US, EP, AU, WO, CA, DK, ES Paul Edward Stamets (2015, 2016) Integrative fungal solutions for protecting bees
WO201965124 EP, PCT WO Ikeda Shokken (2018, 2019) Composition to inhibit proliferation of oral bacteria
EP3426288 US, AU, CA, CN, EP, IL, JP, KR, MX, SG, TW Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (2017, 2019) Anti-pacap antibodies and uses thereof
US20170362338 US Merck (2017, 2017) Glycan-based antibody-drug conjugates
EP3442553 EP CNRS—French National Centre for Scientific Research (2016, 2019) Use of a Withania extract for the treatment of neuromuscular disease
EP3004145 US DTU—Technical University of Denmark (2014, 2016) Genetically modified filamentous fungi and uses thereof
WO2019/175477 EP, PCT WO VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland (2019, 2019) A subunit vaccine against porcine post-weaning diarrhoea
CN109575130 CN Aituojin Bio Pharmaceutical (2018, 2019) Monoclonal antibody for detecting hpv18 e7 protein as well as preparation and application of monoclonal antibody
CN110256557 CN Northeastern University of China (2019, 2019) Anti-bap31 single-domain antibody and application thereof
EP3165233 EP Latvijas University (2015, 2017) Biomaterial for treatment of acute and chronic skin wounds