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Table 3 Overview of selected patent families associated with food and feed

From: Recent advances in the intellectual property landscape of filamentous fungi

Patent number (one of the family) Countries Assignee (application date, publication date) Title
Food additives
 EP3063286 AT, AU, BE, CH, DE, DK, EP, ES, FR, GB, IE, JP, MX, NL, RU, SE, US, BR CA, CN, ID, IN Conagen Inc. (2014, 2016) Recombinant production of steviol glycosides
 WO2019006244A1 AU, BR, CA, CN, EP, IN, KR, PCT WO Conagen Inc. (2018, 2019) Hydrolysis of steviol glycosides by beta-glucosidase
 WO2018/056388 CN, JP, TW, PCT WO Suntory (2017, 2019) Method for production sesaminol or sesaminol glycoside
 CN110746494 CN Shenzhen Novojin Biotechnology (2019, 2020) A group of special dietary proteins
 EP3462915 AU, BR, CA, CN, EP, IN, JP, KR, MX, US Cura Global Health (bvi) Ltd. (2016, 2019) Process for forming iron enriched nutritional products
 US20180021405 WO Entia Biosciences Inc. (2017, 2018) Nutritional approach to the control of anaemia, diabetes and other diseases or conditions and prevention of associated comorbid states with the use of ergothioneine
 EP3182829 EP, WO DSM IP Assets BV (2015, 2017) Combination of glucose oxidases for improvements in baking
 EP2869701 WO, AR DSM IP Assets BV (2013, 2015) Crisp baked products comprising xylanase
 EP3302076 AU, EP, MX, US, WO DSM IP Assets BV (2016, 2018) Use of ice structuring protein afp19 expressed in filamentous fungal strains for preparing food
Traditional fermentation-related patents
 JP2016136843A JP Kikkoman Corp (2015, 2019) Filamentous-fungus mutant in which hydrolase activity is improved
 US20190159495 JP, US Yamasa Corp (2018, 2019) Method for short-time koji production using pre-cultured filamentous fungi
 CN107494809 CN Anhui Zhonghui Te (2017, 2017) Black tea yeast starter and preparation method thereof
 KR20180055255 KR RDA—Korea Rural Development Administration (2016, 2018) Method for manufacturing rice wine with reduced heat flavor, and rice wine manufactured by same
 WO2019/067287 EP, US, PCT WO DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS (2018, 2019) Production of brewer's wort having increased fermentable sugars
 JP2016123395 JP Akita Konno Shoten (2015, 2018) Method for producing tempeh fermentation product
 JP2019129802 JP Kikkoman Corp (2018, 2019) Bean body structure solubilized product-containing food composition and process for producing same
Fungi as main ingredient
 EP0804086 Expired Marlow Foods Limited (1995, 1997) Texturised foodstuffs from gelled edible fungus and hydrocolloid mixture
 EP3474685 GB, EP, TW, US Marlow Foods Limited (2016, 2019) Foodstuff
 WO2018/002581 GB, TW, WO Marlow Foods Limited (2017, 2018) Edible fungus
 WO2019/121697 EP, PCT WO Lantmännen Energi (2018, 2019) Process for industrial production of food-graded fungal biomass
 US20190373934 EP, US, PCT WO Emergy Inc. (2019, 2019) Edible compositions including fungal mycelium protein
 EP3464555 EP, WO Mycorena AB (2017, 2019) Process for edible filamentous fungi cultivation and its integration in conventional sugar to ethanol production
 EP3080282 WO, CA, US, EP Lantmännen Energi (2014, 2016) Integration of first and second generation bioethanol processes
 EP3209789 AU, CN, EP, US, WO University of Strathclyde (2015, 2017) Bioprocesses for co-production of ethanol and mycoproteins
 WO2017/181085 US, AU, BR, CA, CN, EP, IN, JP, KR, MX, SG, WO Mycotechnology Inc. (2017, 2017) Methods for the production and use of myceliated high protein food compositions
 WO2019046480A1 AU, CN, CA, WO, US, KR, EP, TW, IL, CO Sustainable Bioproducts Inc. (2018, 2019) Edible composition with filamentous fungi and bioreactor system for the cultivation thereof
 US20200268031A1 WO, US Sustainable Bioproducts Inc. (2020, 2020) Food materials comprising filamentous fungal particles and membrane bioreactor design
Animal feed
 EP3385376 EP, PCT WO AB Enzymes Oy (2017, 2018) Fungal mannanases
 WO2020/009964 EP, PCT WO Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps (2019, 2020) Xylanase-containing feed additives for cereal-based animal feed
 CN106805002 CN Zhejiang Baihui Biological Technology (2016, 2017) Ferment fish guano for aquarium fishes
 CN108450656 CN Hunan Weigufang Biotechnology (2016, 2018) Method for preparing functional feed additive by performing orientated fermentation on Chinese herbal medicine residues
 CN109497259 CN Zhengzhou Green Agriculture (2018, 2019) Starter feed of sucking pig with disease-resistant function
 CN108719578 CN CAF—Chinese Academy of Forestry (2018, 2018) Complete vegetarian pet food and preparation method thereof using beneficial fungus mixed culture technique