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Table 1 Selected list of established filamentous fungal cell factories and their products. (Modified after [13])

From: Growing a circular economy with fungal biotechnology: a white paper

Filamentous fungusImportant Product(s)
Acremonium chrysogenumβ-lactam antibiotics (cephalosporins)
Aspergillus nigerEnzymes (glucoamylase, proteases, phytases, glucose oxidase)
Organic acids (citric acid, gluconic acid)
Aspergillus oryzaeEnzymes (amylases)
Aspergillus terreusEnzymes (xylanases)
Organic acids (itaconic acid)
Secondary metabolites (lovastatin)
Blakeslea trisporaVitamins (β-carotene)
Fusarium venenatumMycoprotein as meat alternative
Ganoderma lucidumComposite materials (packaging material, construction material)
Imitation leather
Mortierella alpinaPolyunsaturated fatty acids used as food additives
Mucor circinelloidesPolyunsaturated fatty acids used as food additives
Penicillium brevicompactumMycophenolic acid
Penicillium camembertiCheese production
Penicillium chrysogenumβ-lactam antibiotics (penicillins)
Enzymes (glucose oxidase)
Penicillium nalgiovenseMould-fermented salami
Penicillium roquefortiCheese production
Penicillium solitumMevastatin
Pleurotus ostreatusFood
Composite materials (packaging material, construction material)
Rhizopus oligosporusTempeh production
Thermothelomyces thermophilusEnzymes (cellulases, phytases, laccases)
Trichoderma reeseiEnzymes (cellulases, hemicellulases)
Umbelopsis isabellinaPolyunsaturated fatty acids used as biodiesel