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Fig. 1

From: Enabling community-based metrology for wood-degrading fungi

Fig. 1

taken from a common source plate of fungal tissue, applied to an experimental plate, and incubated in darkness at 30 °C; resulting in leading edge radial growth along the agar surface in the direction indicated by the large black arrow. b The leading-edge of the growing colony is traced every 24 h with a marker. c On the final day traces are imaged and analyzed using ImageJ. Measurements are made along each axis, red, green, and blue at intersections with the leading edge traces. A linear regression model is computed for each sample (plate) using all data for all three axes for that sample. The coefficient of the model defines the radial extension rate for that sample

Plate-based radial extension measurements are an accessible method for quantifying the performance of wood-degrading fungi. a The fungal colony is started from a single inoculation point of fungal tissue. The 5 mm tissue plug is

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