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Table 3 Transcriptome data of putative orthologs and paralogs in A. niger to functionally characterized organic acid transporters in filamentous fungi

From: Identification of novel citramalate biosynthesis pathways in Aspergillus niger

New locus tagOld locus tagTransporterProtein sequence coverage (%)Protein sequence similarity (%)RPKM values
AB1.13AB1.13 CADAB1.13 #49BCitB#99
  Citrate transporter CexA A. niger (Steiger et al. [23])      
ANI_1_478154An17g01710Citrate transport protein (cexA)10010057.8344.83189.5458.61
  Citramalate transporter MfsB A. niger (This study)      
ANI_1_930084An09g00190MFS multidrug transporter (mfsB)100100197.34140.5962.5510.52
ANI_1_1618104An12g03020MFS multidrug transporter96620.991.052.508.32
  Itaconate transporter MfsA A. terreus (Li et al. Hossain et al. [8, 16])      
ANI_1_2702024An02g07580MFS transporter84362.812.522.072.42
  Hydroxyparaconate transporter Itp1 Ustilago maydis (Geiser et al. Hosseinpour et al. [21, 22])      
ANI_1_478154An17g01710Citrate transport protein (cexA)933757.8344.83189.5458.61
  Malate transporter MaeA A. oryzae (Knuf et al. [20])      
ANI_1_2040144An16g08330C4-dicarboxylate transporter/malic acid transport protein97711.321.951.751.54
  1. RPKM values, taken from Hossain et al. [10] were calculated according to the method presented by Mortazavi et al. [28] in order to normalize data for gene length. Protein similarity and coverage scores were obtained using the BLAST algorithm (