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Table 3 Fungal strains used in this study

From: Functional exploration of co-expression networks identifies a nexus for modulating protein and citric acid titres in Aspergillus niger submerged culture

MA70.15kusA::amdS, pyrG[51]
TC4.4kusA::amdS, pyrG, PsecG::Tet-on, HygRThis study
TC4.5kusA::amdS, pyrG, PsecG::Tet-on, HygRThis study
TC5.5kusA::amdS, pyrG, PageB::Tet-on, HygRThis study
TC5.6kusA::amdS, pyrG, PageB::Tet-on, HygRThis study
TC6.1kusA::amdS, pyrG, PgeaB::Tet-on, HygRThis study