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Table 1 Filamentous fungal model strains and cell factories for which CRISPR gene editing tools have been established.

From: Practical guidance for the implementation of the CRISPR genome editing tool in filamentous fungi

SpeciesCRISPR proteinNuclease deliveryReferences
Aspergillus fumigatusCas9Plasmid-based and RNP-based[36, 37]
A. nidulansCas9, Cpf1Plasmid-based[9]
A. nigerCas9, Cpf1Plasmid-based and RNP-based[5, 9]
A. oryzaeCas9Plasmid-based[38]
Neurospora crassaCas9Plasmid-based[39]
Penicillium chrysogenumCas9Plasmid- based and RNP-based[33]
Thermothelomyces thermophilusCas9Plasmid-based[12]
Trichoderma reeseiCas9Plasmid-based[40]
  1. Note that the nuclease can be delivered to the cell either plasmid encoded or as a purified protein, which has to be preassembled with in vitro transcribed gRNA to form ribonucleoproteins (RNPs)