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Fig. 3

From: Deletion of the small GTPase rac1 in Trichoderma reesei provokes hyperbranching and impacts growth and cellulase production

Fig. 3

Growth, protein secretion and cellulase activity measurements of T. reesei K1 and Δrac1 liquid cultivations on different carbon sources. Five independently generated ∆rac1 strains and three biological replicates of the K1 strain were used for all liquid culture experiments. a Biomass formation on d-glucose, lactose and cellulose. Since cellulose is an insoluble carbon source, biomass formation is represented by the amount of internal protein. b Cellulase activity per biomass. Activity in the supernatants was determined by Azo-CMC liquid assay and was related to the amount of biomass. c Total protein in lactose supernatants determined by a Bradford assay. d Specific activity of lactose supernatant, the cellulase activity was plotted against the amount of total protein in the supernatant

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