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Table 2 Genome assembly and annotation statistics of Ceratobasidium theobromae

From: Draft genome sequence of fastidious pathogen Ceratobasidium theobromae, which causes vascular-streak dieback in Theobroma cacao

  C. theobromae
Total Contig length (bp) 33,899,105
Contig numbers 6878
BUSCO completeness (%) 99.1%
GC content 44.81%
N50 Contig length (bp) 70,517
Max Contig size (bp) 589,277
Min Contig size (bp) 200
Mean Contig size (bp) 4930
Gene number 9264
Total gene length (bp) 20,074,964
Average gene length (bp) 2168.07
Gene densitya 0.592
Number of expressed genesb 3550
Genes with GO annotationc 5364
Genes within KEGG pathway 3055
  1. aCDS bases/total genome bases
  2. bOnly gene models with ≥ 10 raw reads, detected in any of the infected plant samples
  3. cGene models with E < 10−5 for BLASTn against Uniport Gene Ontology database