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Fig. 5 | Fungal Biology and Biotechnology

Fig. 5

From: A closer look at Aspergillus: online monitoring via scattered light enables reproducible phenotyping

Fig. 5

MTP cultivation of A. giganteus in both optimized medium (a) and complex YEPD medium (b) with 2% (w v−1) calcium chloride. The cultivation was performed at 30° C and 850 rpm in a round well plate. The mean (thick line) and standard deviation of the backscatter measurement of three biological replicates are shown. Three biological replicates of each condition were sampled at four different time points to determine cell dry weight. c (opt. Medium) and d (YEPD) show a linear correlation between backscatter and cell dry weight for each medium along process runtime. Each of the 15 sampled wells was used for the correlation where the offline measured cell dry weight was plotted against its specific backscatter value prior to the sampling time point. The dotted lines show the 95% confidence intervals for each regression

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