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Fig. 2

From: Increasing access to microfluidics for studying fungi and other branched biological structures

Fig. 2

Sterile pre-packaged ready-to-use microfluidics. a Design of the spoke-wheel device used for characterizing the vacuum-packaging and use process, and for quantifying the ‘best if used by date.’ b Spoke wheel microfluidic chamber with integrated PDMS tubing in a glass-bottom dish, vacuum-equilibrated (20 min), then vacuum-sealed for storage, transport, or direct use. c Autoclaved microscope slide with spoke-wheel microfluidic culture chamber in a vacuum-sealed pouch. d The spoke wheel microfluidic device in a coverslip-bottom dish filled with water containing green food-dye. e Vacuum packaged microfluidics on microscope slides or in coverslip-bottom dishes maintain ability to fill (< 2 weeks) within 13 min

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