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Table 1 Putative proteins within the calbistrin cluster in P. decumbens

From: Identification of the decumbenone biosynthetic gene cluster in Penicillium decumbens and the importance for production of calbistrin

Name P. decumbens locus Size (aa) BLASTP
%I Conserved domain and notes E-value
CalA PENDEC_c013G00595 2910 OJJ08178.1 85.3 XP_020058113.1 78.1 PKS: KS, AT, ACP, DH, Cmet, KR, R
Note: similar to MlcA PKS
CalB PENDEC_c013G07044 562 OJJ08177.1 84.9 XP_020058136.1 79.4 TIGR00711, drug resistance transporter,
Note: similar to MlcE MFS pump
CalC PENDEC_c013G06298 426 OJJ08176.1 74.6 XP_020058137.1 51.9 smart00066, GAL4-like Zn(II)2Cys6 DNA-binding domain 3.3E−05
CalD PENDEC_c013G04601 494 OJJ08174.1 89.6 XP_020058121.1 76.1 No putative conserved domains detected.  
CalE PENDEC_c013G04259 494 OJJ08173.1 77.2 XP_020058122.1 49.8 pfam00067, Cytochrome P450
Note: similarity to MlcC monooxygenase
CalF PENDEC_c013G03789 575 OJJ08172.1 85.4 XP_020058123.1 75.4 COG0277, FAD/FMN-containing dehydrogenase
Note: similar to the bifunctional Sol5 flavin-dependent oxidase and alderase from Alternaria solani
CalG n/a 1056 OJJ08171.1 84.9 XP_020058124.1 72.8 pfam00067, Cytochrome P450, + CYPOR
Bifunctional: N-term cytochrome P450 and C-term cytochrome P450 reductase domains
CalH PENDEC_c013G02261 273 OJJ08170.1 82.6 XP_020058125.1 61.2 pfam08242, SAM dependent methyltransferase
Note: similarity to C-MET domain found in HR-PKSs: FUM1, EasB, LepA, ApdA and AzaB
CalI PENDEC_c013G00477 383 OJJ08169.1 82.7 XP_020058126.1 72.4 PRK06196, oxidoreductase (dehydrogenase) 1.1E−75
CalJ n/a 418 OJJ08168.1 82.1 XP_020058127.1 68.5 pfam00144, Beta-lactamase (putative acyltransferase)
Note: similar to MlcH acyltransferase
CalK PENDEC_c013G03312 194 OJJ08167.1 83.0 XP_020058128.1 67.0 cd08249, enoyl reductase like
Note: similar to MlcG ER
CalL PENDEC_c013G00617 568 OJJ08166.1 88.1 XP_020058129.1 78.2 pfam00067, Cytochrome P450 5.7E−23
CalM n/a 304 OJJ08165.1 89.8 XP_020058138.1 78.3 PRK06180, short chain dehydrogenase 1.5E−67
  1. The gene names calAcalM were defined in this study. The PENDEC_XXXXX accession numbers are as in the original publication of the genome, except for calG, calJ and calM. These new gene models were constructed using Softberry FGENESH supported with homologous genes in A. versicolor (Aver) and A. aculeatus (Aacu) (see Additional file 1: additional information 16 for protein sequences of P. decumbens CalG, CalJ and CalM proteins). Putative homologues of each of the P. decumbens CAL protein in A. aculeatus and A. versicolor were identify by BLASTP are here presented with accession umber, along with % identity at amino acid level (%I) along with the predicted conserved domains found in the protein and E-value for this prediction