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Table 3 Upregulation of proteolytic genes located outside of the duplicated chromosomal region in the J4 strain

From: Translocated duplication of a targeted chromosomal segment enhances gene expression at the duplicated site and results in phenotypic changes in Aspergillus oryzae

Systematic name Relative genea expression Description
AO090001000135 2.7 Mep20-metalloproteinase
AO090003000354 3.2 LapII, transferrin receptor and related proteins
AO090009000148 2.1 OpsA;aspartyl protease
AO090009000171 3.5 SPRT-like metalloprotease
AO090009000593 4.4 Metal-dependent amidase/aminoacylase/carboxypeptidase
AO090010000493 4.5 NpII-neutral protease II
AO090010000534 4.4 Serine carboxypeptidases (lysosomal cathepsin A)
AO090010000540 3.9 Aminoacylase ACY1 and related metalloexopeptidases
AO090011000036 9.7 Np I-neutral protease I
AO090011000052 4.7 LapI-leucine aminopeptidase
AO090011000235 3.0 TppA-tripeptidyl peptidase A
AO090012000022 2.9 Metal-dependent amidase/aminoacylase/carboxypeptidase
AO090012000080 2.4 Metal-dependent amidase/aminoacylase/carboxypeptidase
AO090012000706 4.0 Carboxypeptidase C (cathepsin A)
AO090020000288 3.1 Aminoacylase ACY1 and related metalloexopeptidases
AO090020000351 4.0 Serine carboxypeptidases (lysosomal cathepsin A)
AO090023000382 2.6 Carboxypeptidase C (cathepsin A)
AO090026000083 4.5 AorO-aorsin
AO090026000680 3.8 Serine carboxypeptidases (lysosomal cathepsin A)
AO090103000264 3.9 Predicted molecular chaperone distantly related to HSP70-fold metalloproteases
AO090138000101 4.0 Putative intracellular protease/amidase
AO090138000114 7.1 Meltrins, fertilins and related Zn-dependent metalloproteinases of the ADAMs family
AO090701000220 2.3 Carboxypeptidase C (cathepsin A)
  1. aRelative gene expression in the J4 strain compared to that in the RIB40 strain was measured by gene expression array. p < 0.02