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Fig. 6

From: Evolutionary freedom in the regulation of the conserved itaconate cluster by Ria1 in related Ustilaginaceae

Fig. 6

Itaconate and (S)-2-hydroxyparaconate production by various Ustilaginaceae species and their mutants transformed with Umag_ria1, Uc_ria1, Pt_ria1, Si_ria1. Itaconate (gITA g GLC −1 , gITA g GLY −1 ) and (S)-2-hydroxyparaconate (gHP g GLC −1 gHP g GLY −1 ) yield after 120 h or 384 h System Duetz® cultivations in screening medium containing glucose (GLC) and glycerol (GLY), respectively. A dash (–) indicates the negative control without an overexpression construct. Error bars indicate standard deviation from the mean (n = 3)

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