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Fig. 1

From: Evolutionary freedom in the regulation of the conserved itaconate cluster by Ria1 in related Ustilaginaceae

Fig. 1

Proposed intracellular organization of the (S)-2-hydroxyparaconate biosynthesis pathway in U. maydis. Cis-aconitate is secreted by the mitochondrial tricarboxylate transporter Mtt1. In the cytosol cis-aconitate is converted into itaconate via the intermediate trans-aconitate. Itaconate can be further converted to (S)-2-hydroxyparaconate by Cyp3. (S)-2-hydroxyparaconate might be converted to itatartarate with the help of Rdo1. Secretion of itaconate and possibly (S)-2-hydroxyparaconate and itatartarate into the medium is mediated by the major facilitator Itp1. Updated pathway from Geiser et al. [18]

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