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Table 2 Phylogenetic clustering of Trichoderma CYP families and clans

From: Genome-wide analysis of cytochrome P450s of Trichoderma spp.: annotation and evolutionary relationships

Phylogenetic group ID Total entries CYP family CYP Clan Putative functions
1 33 Cyp5044a, Cyp5078, Cyp5080, Cyp5104, Cyp528, Cyp531, Cyp532, Cyp5320a, Cyp631 CYP528, CYP531, CYP532 Xenobiotic metabolism
2 19 Cyp535, Cyp570 CYP507 Xenobiotic metabolism
3 3 Cyp673 CYP673  
4 11 Cyp5055a, Cyp5057a, Cyp5262a, Cyp537, Cyp62, Cyp684 CYP537, CYP62 Xenobiotic metabolism
Secondary metabolism
5 35 Cyp5039a, Cyp5094, Cyp5128a, Cyp5129a, Cyp5292a, Cyp551, Cyp552, Cyp58, Cyp677, Cyp680, Cyp682 CYP58, CYP677 Secondary metabolism
Xenobiotic metabolism
6 10 Cyp5246a, Cyp53 CYP53 Xenobiotic metabolism
7 3 Cyp630 CYP630 Primary metabolism
8 23 Cyp574, Cyp5076, Cyp5168a, Cyp671 CYP574 Secondary metabolism
9 17 Cyp548 CYP548 Xenobiotic metabolism
10 56 Cyp5117, Cyp561, Cyp563, Cyp65 CYP65 Secondary metabolism
11 3 Cyp627 CYP627  
12 62 Cyp5049a, Cyp52, Cyp5296a, Cyp538, Cyp539, Cyp584, Cyp587, Cyp655 CYP52, CYP59 Xenobiotic metabolism
13 19 Cyp5181a, Cyp5334a, Cyp534, Cyp613, Cyp685 CYP534, CYP613 Xenobiotic metabolism
14 39 Cyp5134a, Cyp526, Cyp5390a, Cyp617, Cyp618 CYP526, CYP547 Secondary metabolism
15 36 Cyp505, Cyp5099, Cyp540, Cyp541 CYP505, CYP540, CYP56 Primary metabolism
16 9 Cyp504 CYP504 Xenobiotic metabolism
17 51 Cyp5046a, Cyp5068, Cyp5268a, Cyp530, Cyp5391a, Cyp620, Cyp621 CYP530, CYP533 Xenobiotic metabolism
18 1 Cyp5042 CYP5042  
19 18 Cyp503, Cyp5090, Cyp559, Cyp611, Cyp635, Cyp636, Cyp641, Cyp642 CYP54, CYP550, CYP559, CYP642, CYP657, CYP659 Secondary metabolism
20 29 Cyp5060a, Cyp51, Cyp55, Cyp61 CYP51, CYP55, CYP61 Primary metabolism
  1. aCorresponding clans for these families are absent in FCPD