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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Gene regulation associated with sexual development and female fertility in different isolates of Trichoderma reesei

Strain Code Characteristics Source/reference
CBS999.97 MAT1-1 CBS1-1 Wild-type MAT1-1, female fertile [6]
CBS999.97 MAT1-2 CBS1-2 Wild-type MAT1-2, female fertile [6]
FF1a, FF1b FF1 Backcrossed wild-type strain MAT1-1 [22]
FF2a, FF1b FF2 Backcrossed wild-type strain MAT1-2 [22]
QM6a   Wildt-type MAT1-2, female sterile [2]
QM6a ∆sor1  sor1∆ku80::hph + MAT1-2 [23]
QM6a ∆sor2  sor2∆ku80::hph + MAT1-2 [23]
QM6a ∆sor5  sor5∆ku80::hph + MAT1-2 [23]
FF1 ∆ffr1  ffr1∆ku80::hph + MAT1-1 This study
FF2 ∆ffr1  ffr1∆ku80::hph + MAT1-2 This study