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Fig. 5

From: Gene regulation associated with sexual development and female fertility in different isolates of Trichoderma reesei

Fig. 5

Relevance of SOR cluster genes for sexual development. a Transcript levels of sor1 under conditions of sexual or asexual development or on cellulose. Strains were grown on malt extract agar for investigation of sexual development (contact stage, before fruiting body formation) and asexual development (strain alone on the plate). For liquid culture on cellulose (1% w/v), strains were grown in minimal medium in constant darkness for 72 h. Errorbars show standard deviations. b Analysis of sexual development in strains lacking biosynthetic genes of the SOR cluster. Strains grown in light cycles at 22 °C are shown after 7 or 22 days. Fruiting body formation started after 7 days, no changes were observed after 22 days. Ascospore formation was indistinguishable from wild-type

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