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Fig. 3

From: How a fungus shapes biotechnology: 100 years of Aspergillus niger research

Fig. 3

The A. niger research community is diverse and well-connected. Network of the community of researchers investigating A. niger biology or using the fungus as model organism based on our literature survey. Articles with ‘Aspergillus niger’ in title, abstract or keywords published in 2013–2017 were retrieved from PubMed. Scientists with at least 5 last (co-)authorships were selected (Additional file 3: Table 3). Size of circles roughly indicates number of published articles. Connections indicate collaborations as indicated by at least one co-authorship. Scientists are located mainly in Europe, followed by China, South America, North America, and India. The position of the circles is arbitrary. Please note that some connections/collaborations might be missing due to the stringency of our PubMed search

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