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Fig. 1

From: Improved microscale cultivation of Pichia pastoris for clonal screening

Fig. 1

Reduction of the iron concentration in BSM prevents precipitation. The effect of reduced FeSO4 concentrations on medium stability and growth of P. pastoris in BSM was investigated in microscale cultivation (4% d-glucose, 150 mM PIPPS, pH 5.0, 0.8 mL, 1500 rpm, 30 °C). Different media were inoculated from the same pre-culture to an initial OD600 = 0.3 to ensure equal starting conditions. a 0.92 mM FeSO4 (original concentration); b 0.46 mM FeSO4; c 92 µM FeSO4; d 9.2 µM FeSO4. Light colors around solid lines show standard deviations from at least three individual wells

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