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Table 1 Light dependent regulation of transcription factors involved in plant biomass utilization

From: Regulation of plant cell wall degradation by light in Trichoderma

Name Protein ID Regulatory function (related to plant biomass degradation) in Cellulase induction specific Regulation in QM6a in light Regulated by BLR1 Regulated by BLR2 Regulated by ENV1
In light In darkness In light and darkness
XYR1 122208 (hemi-)cellulose utilization x x x -- x   x
CRE1 120117 Carbon catabolite repression     n    
ACE1 75418 Cellulose utilization     -    
ACE2 78445 Cellulose utilization   x   --    
ACE3 77513 Cellulose utilization x x x ---    x
CLR1 27600 (hemi-)cellulose utilization (in N. crassa)   x   -    x
CLR2 26163 (hemi-)cellulose utilization (in N. crassa)     -- x   x
XPP1 122879 (hemi-)cellulose utilization     n    
VIB1 54675 Cellulose utilization     ---    x
HAP2 124286 CAZy regulation     n    
HAP3 121080 CAZy regulation     n    
HAP5 124301 CAZy regulation     n    
AmyR 55105 Starch utilization     --    x
MalR 21997 Maltose utilization     n    
BglR 52368 Sugar sensing     n    
RhaR1 79871 L-rhamnose utilization     n    
RhaR2 121107 L-rhamnose utilization x x x n    
McmA 42249 Cellulase regulation     n    
VEL1 122284 Cellulase regulation     ++    
VEL2 40551 Metabolism     n    
AreA 76817 N-assi mi lation     n    
AreB 120127 Nitrogen metabolite repression     n    
NmrA 74375 Nitrogen metabolite repression     n    
NIT4 76705 Nitrate pathway     n    
PAC1 120698 pH response     n    
PACX 59740 pH response     -    
  1. For the regulatory impact of the GATA-type transcription factors BLR1 and BLR2 see text on photoreceptors
  2. n, no regulation; +, upregulation in light; -, downregulation in light; +/-, minor regulation; ++/--, moderate regulation (around 5–10 fold); +++/---, strong regulation