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Fig. 5

From: Aspergillus niger is a superior expression host for the production of bioactive fungal cyclodepsipeptides

Fig. 5

Hydroxy acids fed to strains DSc1.4 and SB19.23 in order to synthesize new-to-nature beauvericins. a Seven artificial hydroxy acid analogues (1–7) were fed to strains DSc1.4 and SB19.23, varying in the length of the side chain (4, 6, 7), bearing a halogen (1), aromatic (5), alkene (3) or alkyne (2) functionality. Final precursor concentration was 7.5 mM. b Non-natural beauvericins (2-hydroxyvalerate-beauvericin and bromo-beauvericin) which were successfully produced by strain DSc1.4

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