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Table 1 Candida albicans strains used in this study

From: Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark essential oil induces cell wall remodelling and spindle defects in Candida albicans

Strain Genotype References
RSY150 TUB2-GFP-SAT1/TUB2_ HTB1-RFP-ARG4_/HTB1_ arg4_/_ [35]
RSY35 leu2::hisG/leu2::hisG his1::hisG/his1::hisG arg4::hisG/arg4::hisG kar3::LEU2/kar3::HIS1 TUB2/TUB2-GFP::SAT1 [35]
CASS1 his3::hisG/his3::hisGleu2::tetRGAL4AD-URA3/LEU2 [37]
ATCC 64548 Reference strain Cedarlane Labs, Ontario, Canada
ATCC 10231 Reference strain for clinical isolates RQHR, Regina,
SK, Canada   
C. albicans (1-4) Clinical isolates; 2 blood, 2 genital RQHR, Regina, SK, Canada
  C. albicans knockout mutants  
VPS28 his3::hisG/his3::hisGleu2::tetRGAL4AD-URA3/LEU2-VPS28 [37]
CRH11 his3::hisG/his3::hisGleu2::tetRGAL4AD-URA3/LEU2-Crh11 [37]
SSU81 his3::hisG/his3::hisGleu2::tetRGAL4AD-URA3/LEU2-SSU81 [37]
DFG5 his3::hisG/his3::hisGleu2::tetRGAL4AD-URA3/LEU2-DGF5 [37]