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Fig. 1

From: Physiological characterization of secondary metabolite producing Penicillium cell factories

Fig. 1

Fermentation profiles of ten Penicillium species cultivated in 1 L bioreactors in DM and CM. All fermentations were performed in biological triplicates. The CO2 exhaust values (%) are shown for all triplicate experiments separately as solid lines (right Y-axis), the dry weight (g/L) values are shown as a mean with standard deviations as black circles (left Y-axis) and for the defined medium the glucose concentrations are shown as mean with standard deviations as open circles (left Y-axis). Light orange shaded area shows the exponential phase and light grey shaded area shows the non-exponential phase. For P. polonicum one of the triplicate experiments showed a different growth curve, for this fermentation only the CO2 profile is shown. Triangles are the time points were samples for secondary metabolite analysis were taken. The third sample point in P. decumbens was at 120 h and falls therefore outside the figure. For P. steckii in DM the samples for secondary metabolite analysis were taken from a different experiment with similar growth characteristics

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