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Table 2 Top 10 fungal pathogens of plants [24]

From: Current challenges of research on filamentous fungi in relation to human welfare and a sustainable bio-economy: a white paper

Rank Fungal pathogen Affected plant(s) Name
1 Pyricularia oryzae Rice and wheat Rice blast
2 Botrytis cinerea >200 Grey mould
3 Puccinia spp. Wheat Rust
4 Fusarium graminearum All cereals Head blight
5 Fusarium oxysporum Multiple Vascular wilt
6 Blumeria graminis Grasses Powdery mildew
7 Zymoseptoria tritici Wheat Septoria blotch
8 Colletotrichum spp. All crops Spots and blights
9 Ustilago maydis Corn Corn smut
10 Melampsora lini Flax Flax rust