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Figure 4

From: Efficient gene editing in Neurospora crassa with CRISPR technology

Figure 4

Amplified expression of cellulase genes by enhanced expression of clr-2 with β-tubulin promoter. The mRNA expression of clr-2 and cellulase genes are measured by qRT-PCR. The expression of clr-2 (a), cbh-1 (b), gh5-1 (c), and gh6-2 (d) are shown. White and black bars show mRNA expressions in wild type (WT: 74-OR23-1V A) and β-tubulin-clr-2 strains, respectively. Each strain is cultured in the media containing 2% glucose as a sole carbon source. All the expressions were normalized by the expressions in WT. **p < 0.01, student’s t-test. Error bars corresponds to the SEM.

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