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Figure 3

From: Fungal biology in the post-genomic era

Figure 3

Comparison of Cys6Zn2 in different organisms. Top panel: Number of Cys6Zn2 transcription factors in representative species of different fungal taxa, or in same cases in the only available species of the taxon. Search carried out in the JGI fungal database ( with PFAM motif PF00172. Bottom panel: Alignment of a number of Cys6Zn2 motifs. Motifs corresponding to three well studied proteins (GAL4, NirA, AlcR) which bind to different DNA sequences are included. In red representatives of non-fungal Zn cluster proteins. For F. alba, the nearest sister species to the fungi available, the Zn clusters of both extant proteins are included. To the right of the sequence the total number of proteins of the species comprising canonical Cys6Zn2 clusters are recorded. Proteins which do not comprise all the conserved cysteines are not included in this count. Note that the homologue of T. pseudonana included has an extension in the third loop of similar nature to that of AlcR of A. nidulans. See text for complete names of non-fungal species. Searches carried out in JGI, NCBI,, alignment carried out with MAFT (G-INS-i) visualisation with Box-shade.

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