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Figure 2

From: Fungal biology in the post-genomic era

Figure 2

A view of fungal phylogeny. This figures is Sup Figure nine of Ref [72], obtained by whole genomic/ ESTs comparison (see text). For definition of the different data sets, see original article. The original legend is reproduced below. The phylogenetic backbone of the fungi based on 15 datasets. The numbers of species represented by each leaf are given in parenthesis for the data sets fungi_1 and fungi fungi_2, respectively. A *denotes those instances where either one or both species are absent from data set fungi_2 and are represented only in the supertree based on fungi_2A. A ‘-‘ indicates that a taxon is entirely missing in a data set. Colors highlight major systematic groups of the fungi (Ascomycota: red; Basidiomycota: blue; Mucoromycotina: magenta; Glomeromycota: purple; Entomophthoromycotina: yellow; Blastocladiomycota: marine; Chytriodiomycota/Neocallimastigomycota: green). Given the tentativeness in our reconstruction of the basal fungal relationships we keep the network structure for this part of the fungal backbone tree. Contractions of the dashed branches result in the topology that is suggested by our refined analysis of the early branching fungi with data set fungi_3.

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