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Table 3 Activity towards AZCL HE-cellulose and AZCL arabinoxylan from culture supernatants (S/Ns)

From: RNA-sequencing reveals the complexities of the transcriptional response to lignocellulosic biofuel substrates in Aspergillus niger

  HE-cellulose a AZCL-arabinoxylan a ratio AZCL-arabinoxylan/HE-cellulose
S/N from A. niger cultured with straw 0.031 (0.0015)b 1.046 (0.0228)b 34.05
S/N from A. niger cultured with willow 0.010 (0.0002)b 0.082 (0.0002)b 8.17
  1. aactivity is expressed as absorbance units/μl of culture S/N.
  2. bvalues in parentheses are standard errors.