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Figure 4

From: RNA-sequencing reveals the complexities of the transcriptional response to lignocellulosic biofuel substrates in Aspergillus niger

Figure 4

Saccharification of lignocellulosic substrates by supernatants (S/Ns) from A. niger cultured with either wheat straw or willow. An equal amount of protein from concentrated S/Ns from A. niger cultured with either straw or willow was used to saccharify straw or willow substrates. The glucose and reducing end group equivalents were quantified with the GODPOD and DNS assays respectively. The glucose or reducing end groups released by equal amounts of protein from the different culture S/Ns in a 24 h period are expressed per mg of the lignocellulosic substrate in the saccharification assay. The results are the mean of assays from S/Ns from 3 independent cultures with either lignocellulosic substrate and the error bars represent standard errors.

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