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Table 1 Highest concentrations of LMWOA and ethanol obtained at day 6 of incubation, for each compound and the corresponding producing strains

From: Exploring fungal biodiversity: organic acid production by 66 strains of filamentous fungi

Compound Fungal strain g.L −1
Ethanol A. niger (BRFM421) 4.1
Gluconic acid A. niger (BRFM431) 3.7
Formic acid A. flavipes (BRFM456) 3.3
Citric acid A. niger (BRFM422) 2.2
Succinic acid A. flavipes (BRFM456) 1.8
Oxalic acid A. niger (BRFM420) 1.6
Malic acid A. niger (BRFM103) 0.6
Acetic acid A. niger (BRFM428) 0.4
Propionic acid A. niger (BRFM422) 0.2
Butyric acid A. flavus (BRFM821) 0.2
Isobutyric acid A. niger (BRFM432) 0.2
Tartaric acid A. niger (BRFM420) 0.1
Lactic acid A. niger (BRFM428) 0.1
Ascorbic acid A. niger (BRFM280) <0.05*
Fumaric acid A. niger (BRFM438) <0.05*
Itaconic acid A. terreus (BRFM111) <0.05*
Ethanol S. hirsutum BRFM889) 0.2
Gluconic acid P. coccineus (BRFM1396) 0.6
Formic acid P. coccineus (BRFM1396) 0.2
Oxalic acid G. weberianum (BRFM1548) 0.1
  1. *limit of quantification.